What Is an Autism Alert Card?

The Autism Alert Card is something that is very important to me personally having 2 boys who are on the spectrum. This card explains what is happening to them when they are having difficulties and enables authorities to contact the right people to assist.

Autism Awareness Logo

The Front of the Card

On the front side of the Autism Alert Card lists the cardholder's name and a current photo of the cardholder. It also has a support person's name and phone number.

It also gives an explanation as to what might be happening to the cardholder at the time. This will try and give authorities or helpers a better understanding of what is going on and how they can assist the cardholder.

The Autism Alert Card also makes it very clear that the holder is on the spectrum and that they may not be in full control of their faculties, so it should not be assumed that they are deliberately being combative or difficult to communicate with.

We have done this in the hope that it will lead to a greater understanding of these conditions by people in positions of authority such as Police and other Emergency Services.

The Back of the Card

Autism Alert Card - Back

The backside of the card identifies itself as an Autism Alert Card. It also contains a QR Code that when scanned, will provide authorities or carers with important details about the cardholder. It will contain the Card Holders Name, Address and Contact Details of their Carer. Also, it will also contain a Current Photo of the cardholder to allow for easier identification.

The Autism Alert Card can also contain any other details the cardholder or carers feel is necessary to share such as medications or triggers.

The contents of the card can be adjusted to suit the particular needs of the cardholder.

Autism Alert Card

25.00 AUD / Card

  • Subscription Cost : $ 2.00 AUD Per Month paid yearly.

As you will see there are 2 costs associated with the cards.

1) The first cost is for the card itself, this includes postage to you.

2) The second cost is a monthly subscription cost paid yearly. This gives you the ability to update the details on the QR Code whenever you need to.

People move houses, or change numbers or even change carers but this shouldn’t mean that you have to get a whole new card every time.

The Autism Alert Card uses a dynamic QR Code which means that whilst the code will stay the same, the details behind it can be changed as often as you want.

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